The market for Luxury vinyl tiles has shot up in the last 40 years and the demand is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As one of the largest suppliers of Luxury vinyl tile flooring in Bristol, we have certainly witnessed this demand in both commercial and domestic projects. With leading brands such as Karndean and Amtico constantly developing and improving their ever-growing ranges, Luxury vinyl tile  flooring now offers an easier, cheaper and increasingly more realistic alternative to hardwood or stone.

What is LVT and why is it trending?

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

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Luxury Vinyl tiles also known as LVT, are man-made tiles generally consisting of around 6-8 structural layers, including PVC backing, a photographic layer, a wear layer and a polyurethane wear layer. Each of these layers perform different functions. Within the structure of the LVT is the photographic layer. This is what gives the realistic wood/stone like appearance. The wear layer also allows the manufacturers to add an authentic texture. Many manufacturers of LVT such as Moduleo further include an embossed layer in selected ranges, such as the Impress range.

Customers visiting the showroom frequently mistake the impress range for real hardwood flooring. Buyers now opt for LVT over a hardwood or stone floor due to high resilience and low maintenance. It is easy to clean, hardwearing and splash resistant. This mean that customers can have LVT in any room of the house and the product is suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens unlike hardwood flooring. A lot of manufacturers of LVT such as Moduleo and Amtico also include a UV layer when making the product. This helps to prevent discolouration and ensures that the colour will last longer when washed and placed in direct sunlight.


Where can LVT be used?

Thanks to its versatility, LVT can be used widely throughout homes and can be used anywhere including bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens. The tiles are splash resistant, stain resistant, hard wearing, and easy to clean. Luxury vinyl tiles are also comfortable underfoot and maintain room temperature.

Commercial projects such as shops, schools, and offices also use LVT as it can sustain heavy footfall.

What are the benefits of LVT?

-Easy to clean- This is yet another factor why people opt for LVT in their homes. Luxury Vinyl tiles are quick and easy to clean unlike some carpets which can hold dirt and dust within the fibers. Some brands such as Karndean and Amtico also have their own cleaning kits which you can purchase from our showroom in Bristol. You can use these products for spot cleaning and for regular maintenance of your brand new floor.

-Hard wearing- One thing you want from a flooring is for it to be long lasting and durable. This is why LVT is the perfect choice. It is not indestructible but is much more robust than hardwood and stone tiles. Its ability to handle heavy materials and large footfall is a lot better than stone or hardwood tiles that wear and damage more easily.

-Splash proof- One of the main reasons to have LVT’s in your home is because they are splash- resistant making them a brilliant choice for bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

-Scratch resistant- Unlike hardwood and stone flooring LVT’s are less prone to scratching which is a preferable choice if you have pets, and furniture being moved around in areas such as dining rooms.

-Cost effective– Vinyl tiles give you the same visual effect of wood or stone flooring without the cost and maintenance implications. Suppliers such as Amtico offer a guarantee on their flooring they are that confident in their product.

Planning A Residential Or Commercial Makeover?

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