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Natural Flooring

A very popular choice as an alternative to carpet, natural materials such as sisal or seagrass offer great wear capabilities and give the natural appearance and tones of a material like wood or bamboo, whilst being softer to walk on and providing greater insulation for the colder months. Fashionable and aesthetically pleasing as well as being practical and durable, find out more about our natural flooring here.

What is Sisal

Sisal is a plant from the same family as Agave (commonly known for its sweet nectar which is often used as an alternative to sugar). Native to southern Mexico, the plant’s strong, stiff fibres are used in the production of rope, twine and other textiles, including carpets. Sisal carpets are extremely durable, they do not trap dust or build up static. In fact, the only maintenance required for a sisal carpet is vacuuming. Sisal fibres can also be blended with wool or synthetic materials to create a softer feeling carpet.

What is Seagrass

Seagrass is a marine plant that thrives in saltwater environments. A plant that makes its home underwater, seagrass has a greater structural integrity than some other plant based fibres and is more resistant to stains and spillages due to its waxy quality, making it ideal for the Dining Room or Study. Seagrass is a better option than many other stain resistant floor coverings as it is fairly inexpensive in comparison. It comes in a range of stunning natural shades. Seagrass is not suitable for dyeing due to its resistance to liquid.

Sisal and Seagrass can be woven to make beautiful patterns and can make a wonderful addition to your home or business. Whilst not as comfortable to sit on as carpet, natural flooring has been said to be longer lasting and better when it comes to areas that are subject to high levels of traffic.

For a more natural feel, opt for natural flooring from one of our trusted suppliers. Whether you’re after a custom rug or a fully fitted carpet, our suppliers and manufacturers deliver only the best. See our range of natural flooring suppliers.

If you would like to book an estimate, fill out our contact form or give us a call and one of our friendly team will be able to advise you. Or, visit us in our showroom to browse our range of natural flooring.

Natural Flooring Brands

Unnatural Flooring

Unnatural Flooring is the UK’s leading supplier of woven vinyl flooring. Established in 2005, the company supplies beautiful flooring solutions that are suitable for both homes and commercial properties. Unnatural Flooring products offer the look, comfort and texture of a natural floor covering, with the robustness and practical benefits of man made fibres.

There are four ranges within Unnatural Flooring’s collection: Precision, New England, Long Island and Alfa & Beta. Each comes in a range of weaves, colours and designs to suit any property. Unnatural Flooring floor coverings are safe and hard wearing, easy to clean, waterproof and slip resistant, ideal for areas of heavy traffic within homes and businesses. For information on care and installation, visit Unnatural Flooring’s website, or visit our showroom.

Unnatural Flooring rugs come with strong, sturdy polypropylene binding which is designed to look like cotton, whilst being able to withstand being left outdoors and frequent cleaning. The binding is available in a range of colors to blend seamlessly with your existing decor and complement your choice of rug.

The company has supplied flooring to a range of industries, and its products can be see gracing the likes of SAGA Cruise Ships and five star hotels. To find out more about Unnatural Flooring’s contract flooring, speak to one of our team today.

Crucial Trading


For over 30 years, Crucial Trading has been producing award winning carpets and natural floor coverings, incorporating bold innovation with quality design, making them a leading UK carpet manufacturer.

Passionate about sustainability, Crucial Trading uses the very best natural materials, from wool to seagrass to coir. The company boasts a range of over 100 different floor coverings, with thousands of possible combinations, meaning your Crucial Trading floor covering will be unique to you, blending in beautifully with your home’s design.

Crucial Trading are always at the forefront of innovation. They pioneered the use of Sisool in the UK, an innovative blend of soft wool and hard wearing sisal, creating a luxurious feeling natural floor covering. They also experiment with bold colours, creative textures and artistic weaves, winning awards for their Mississippi and Fabulous ranges.

The company creates carpets and bespoke rugs for residential and commercial clients, particularly the hospitality sector, producing long lasting, hard wearing carpets that look fabulous.

Crucial Trading are proud to be members of The Carpet Foundation, adhering to strict standards of service and consumer codes of practice, approved and monitoring by the Trading Standards Institute.

To find out more about Crucial Trading, visit their website. Or come to our showroom to view some of their natural carpet samples.

Alternative Flooring


Alternative Flooring is known for its stylish yet quirky design and unique, innovative patterns when it comes to both carpets and natural flooring. For over 20 years, they have been manufacturing quality rugs and carpets using both natural materials such as sisal, coir and wool, and synthetic materials.

Alternative Flooring have worked in partnership with big name design companies and interior designers such as Margo Selby, Ashley Hicks, Ben Pentreath and Liberty Fabrics, creating beautifully designed carpets, rugs and runners.

Their latest collection is the Quirky B range which features bold, ‘kooky and fun’ patterns that would look stunning in any home. Alternative Flooring’s design team took home the prestigious House Beautiful 2017 Gold Award for Best Carpet or Rug for their collaboration with Liberty Fabrics on the Quirky B collection. With a host of other awards to boot, Alternative Flooring is certainly a star in the carpet design industry and definitely one to watch.

All of Alternative Flooring’s Quirky carpets are designed and made in Britain.

Other collections include stunning Natural, a selection of natural flooring sourced from sustainable resources around the globe, from India to Vietnam, to the Gulf of Mexico, and eco-friendly Barefoot, which is made from 100% natural wool that is hand woven and is biodegradable, the first of its kind here in the UK.

The company also offers bespoke flooring options for commercial projects. To find out more, visit their website or speak with one of our friendly team.

For design inspiration and interviews with designers, stylists and bloggers visit Alternative Flooring’s blog, or follow on Instagram or Pinterest for more style advice.


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