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Wood Flooring

Wood is a material whose natural and unique beauty speaks for itself. With a range of gauges, plank sizes, textures and finishes there really is something for everyone from our broad selection. Wood is long lasting, and can be sanded and re-treated regularly to increase its longevity. Hardwood flooring is a worthwhile investment, long lasting and adding value to your home.

At Prestige Flooring, our wood floors are expertly installed and easy to maintain. We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our wood floors. Whether you want solid hardwood flooring, antique or reclaimed wood, or engineered hardwood flooring, we have the right material and finish for you. We stock a range of different shades of wood flooring, from dark, richer tones such as oak and walnut, to lighter tones such as cherry and ash, whatever your colour scheme, we will find the perfect wood flooring to match it.

Wood is a material that naturally expands and contracts, depending on humidity. Therefore, consideration should be given as to the suitability of wood flooring for certain spaces. Our expert and knowledgeable team will be able to advise you on the best solution if you are unsure whether wood will be suitable for your decorating project.

We only work with the best suppliers and manufacturers of top quality wood flooring, including Havwoods, Kersaint Cobb and Quickstep to name a few. This ensures our customers get their perfect, long lasting floor every time. Find out more about our individual wood flooring suppliers, or come to our showroom to see some samples of the different types of wood flooring we offer.

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Wood Flooring Brands


Engineered Wood Flooring offers strength, flexibility, and stability, using 100% natural wood. Created using three or more layers of real wood with an upper layer of genuine hardwood, Elka engineered wood flooring is strong and sturdy enough to be used in any area of the home and comes with a 25 year warranty. It is available in a range of shades and modern finishes of Oak and Walnut, perfectly imitating a solid wood floor.




The Havwoods collection includes over one thousand different types of wood flooring, drawing inspiration from current ideas and trends to design award winning floors. Havwoods hardwood flooring is available in a range of designs including parquet, geometric design and reclaimed wood flooring. Flooring ranges include Design, Europlank, Fusion, Gold Leaf, Henley, Bespoke, Karelia, Par-ky, Pureplank, Relik and the award winning Hand Grade collection.



Kährs is one of the oldest producers of engineered wood flooring in the world and has played a significant part in shaping the global flooring industry, supplying products to more than 70 countries worldwide. The Kährs range features over 25 distinct wood flooring collections in a range of wood types and finishes.


Kersaint Cobb

Kersaint Cobb offers eight different engineered wood flooring collections, including the beautiful Hand Crafted collection, the durable Duo Living XL collection and the rustic Vie Maison collection. Flooring comes in either a brushed and oiled or lacquered finish, for a protected, luxurious sheen. Their engineered wood flooring features naturally occurring colour variations, knots and sapwood that complement and enhance the natural appearance of the wood, giving you a truly unique floor.


Tedd Todd

Tedd Todd prides itself on unique, clever style and their flooring designers are not afraid to get creative and experiment, resulting in truly inspirational designs. In addition to brand new engineered and solid wood flooring, the company also produces antique and reclaimed wood flooring, for a truly unique decorative touch.



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Flooring Showroom Bristol 

Welcome to our showroom! Navigate your way through our showroom where you can find the best deals on top flooring and carpet brands like Amtico, Moduleo, Axminster and many many more! Based in Thornbury, North Bristol, our vast showroom has been running since 2008 and features an in house team of carpet and flooring specialists who can help with any queries you may have.

Why Did We Create a Showroom Page?

At Prestige Flooring we know how difficult it can be deciding what type of flooring you would like in your home especially when there is such a wide variety of materials, starting from carpet to luxury vinyl tiles to hardwood and much more. Walking into a flooring shop with little to no idea of what your looking for can be daunting. This is why we decided to create this showroom page. It allows you to have a look around our showroom and see all the different brands, materials and colours.

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