The history of carpets stretches back as far as human existence as we have always sought to keep warm and comfortable as a means of survival. There’s been a few times in recent history which due to both economic and societal shifts, carpets became more popular and widespread. 19th-century industrialisation, for example, created affluence and wealth which saw many individuals adorn their homes out with carpets and rugs. Carpets have since gone from strength-to-strength and the post second world war era saw the invention and rise in popularity of polymer-based carpets such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene.

There’s no denying that the demand for carpets has continued to remain constant, and as one of the most highly rated carpet fitters in Bristol, we see this demand every day from both of our commercial and domestic clients. So what exactly keeps the demand for carpets so buoyant and alive especially in the face of modern flooring options like luxury vinyl, engineered hardwood etc…

The soft sensation of carpet under your feet  

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When you get home from a day of work your feet will have been used to walking in hard impactful shoes. Nothing beats the relaxing soft and padded feeling of carpet beneath your feet as you walk around your property. Depending on the type of carpet that you choose, pile height and fibre type can vary from long or short thus making the underfoot texture of the carpet extra comfortable. We’ve had the pleasure of installing carpets in Bristol for just over 10 years and it is always remarkable when you look at how comfortable and inviting is pre-carpet compared to post-carpet.

Carpet Insulates A Room

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Unlike hotter regions of the world, the UK climate is consistently cold for most of the year with the exception of a few months in the summer. A reason why carpets have remained high in popularity is that they provide great insulation to our houses and help keep heat in and cold air out. This is very important in older Victorian or period properties where floorboard beams may be cracked or showing wider gaps that could let drafts in. Insulation has become an important issue for today’s homeowner as energy bills continue to rise and there is a growing collective consciousness to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Choice Of Styles

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Carpet is very diverse and there are so many different styles, textures to choose from: plush, patterned, berber, loop eg. With such a wide selection of options to choose from you can really enhance and nail down the specifics of your interior design and give character to your rooms. At Prestige Flooring we offer an unrivalled selection of discount carpets in Bristol from a collection of industry-leading brands like Adam, Axminster, Thomas Witter, BMK & Cavalier. Carpet is also very expressive, it can be as bright, patterned and busy as you want, or as neutral, cool or smooth as you so desire.

Carpet Is Easy To Maintain & Clean

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Maintaining carpets is a lot less messy and far easier than other flooring options which require scrubbing, mopping and sweeping. The advantage that we have in the modern day over carpet owners maybe 100 years ago is that we have access to hoovers which can make short work of any dirt in a small amount of time. We also have the luxury of professional carpet cleaning technology which has developed at an amazing rate and can in some cases wash, rinse and dry your carpet within half an hour! Maintaining carpet is convenient, quick and uncomplicated and if it was impractical then in true evolutionary form, we would have got rid of carpets years ago!

Carpet Acoustically Dampens The Room

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As mentioned, carpet feels pleasant on the bottom of the foot but it also feels great on the ears! In a similar way that it insulates a room from heat, the thickness of carpet acts as an acoustic dampener by absorbing any harsh sounds such as moving footsteps or objects dropping. When sound is produced within a room, the sound waves themselves will bounce off different surfaces which can be harsh on the ears.

When a room is carpeted, the sound waves get absorbed into the thickness of the fibre where they disseminate rather than reflect. If you have ever seen pictures of a recording studio you will see that the live recording rooms have thick carpet-like panels covering the walls for this very same reason. In a relaxed domestic environment, making the room as damp as possible makes is essential – the sound of someone walking on a hard surface could echo throughout the room and be very off-putting when watching TV or reading a book in the lounge for instance.


Carpet Is Much Safer

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The padded and soft nature of carpet as a flooring option is very beneficial in terms of safety and this has no doubt played a part in the continuing popularity of carpets. Accidents will always happen and whether this is a glass being dropped on the floor or a young child running and catching a bad fall. The springiness and thickness of carpet means that any kind of impact will be less severe so a glass falling may still break but it won’t splinter into thousands of different shards as it would if the same thing happened on a harder surface. If you have young children in your home then the chances are that they will play with toys or undertake activities on the floor in places like the lounge. Carpet is much more comfortable on your knee joints and hands as it softens the impact of human weight. This is especially important if you like to get down on the floor with your child and play with them.


Carpet Is Also Sustainable

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It may come as a shock, but carpet has become increasingly sustainable in recent times! There are plenty of natural fibre carpet options made from materials like wool, jute and sisal. Whilst nylon, olefin and polyester carpets are still widely used many manufacturers have started to utilise natural fibres to produce some fantastic eco-friendly alternatives that look and feel great.

Today’s society is very conscious when it comes to the impact of consumer materials on the earth and have started to hold many household products to account. A good example of this is HFCs and CFCs, the greenhouse gasses found in some refrigerator coolants.

Next year (2020) will mark the global depletion of all CFC stock and this refrigerant will seek to exist. Freon is another refrigerant that was also discontinued due to its environmental impact and replaced by less harmful alternatives. Carpet has stayed with us because there is the option to choose a more environmentally form of it. Whilst not everyone right now overwhelmingly chooses jute or sisal, the future may see different.

The more sustainable you can make a product the more likely it will be embraced going forward. Carpet is no exception to this.


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