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We have a wide range of both natural wool content and synthetic fibre carpets,
so you are bound to find a carpet from our extensive range of suppliers that will be suitable to meet the needs of all areas of your property.

Residential Carpet Supplier Bristol & Gloucester

At Prestige Flooring Ltd we have served the homeowners of Thornbury and Bristol for over a decade providing them with quality carpeting and fitting services that represent real value for money. Our expert team of fitters and carpeting experts all bring with them years of domestic carpet experience so that you can benefit from top tier advice and workmanship when you choose us. We also take great pride in curating our stock list with the best quality global carpeting brands available and providing them to you at the lowest possible price.  

Experts In Residential Carpeting Bristol

If you have decided to invest in new carpet for your home then you’ll be faced with a selection of different material options to choose from. Determining which type of carpet is best for your home will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The location of the carpet and subsequent traffic levels  
  • The style, texture or “feel” that you want to go for
  • The level of maintenance you are prepared to give
  • Your budget

At Prestige, we take a personal approach with all of our residential clients and can guide you towards your prefered option no matter what. With a showroom that showcases hundreds of different carpets of all colours and textures, we are Bristol’s one-stop shop for residential carpeting.   

Carpets In Bristol

Wool carpets are unbeatably luxurious, soft and if well maintained, can last a lifetime.  They are also particularly robust and are well-suited to areas of heavy wear in the house, such as the lounge, dining room, hall, stairs and landing. Wool can be dyed, so you have an enormous range of colours to choose from. Wool is also a natural fibre which is also very economically friendly. Visit our showroom to see more of our selection of wool carpets.

Man-made or synthetic fibre carpets are generally soft and luxurious, as well as being competitively priced, making them a great option for smaller budgets. These carpets are ideal for bedrooms, where there is less foot traffic. Nylon, Olefin and polyester are all materials commonly used to make synthetic carpets and require minimal maintenance compared to natural options like wool, or silk. Although suitable for pretty much any area where a wool carpet can be fitted, synthetic carpets’ bleach cleanable face piles also mean that they are very forgiving when it comes to choosing carpet for the more spill or stain prone members of the family. Perfect then perhaps, when looking at carpets for the younger ones’ bedrooms.

What Carpet Materials Are Suited To Where?

As mentioned, carpets made from different materials have varying characteristics in terms of durability, finary, upkeep and delicateness. This means that some carpets are best suited for certain areas of the house. All though not set in stone, the following highlights how carpet is generally utilised.

Stairs Polypropylene
Hallways Wool/polyester mix
Bedrooms Nylon/polyester
Lounges Wool


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For commercial projects our hard wearing, easy to clean carpets are ideal, adding a touch of design and class to your workplace. To find out more, speak to one of our team.

Choose a supplier to find out more about the carpet types and styles available. All our suppliers and manufacturers are experts when it comes to creating beautiful, long lasting carpets that are guaranteed to improve the look and feel of your home.

Once you have decided which type of carpet is best for you, contact us to book a free estimate for supply and installation cost.

Or, if you’re still unsure, visit our newly refurbished showroom to explore our range of carpets and see for yourself.

You can take a look round our showroom here

Carpet Brands


Experts in design, custom dyeing and manufacturing, Adam Carpets are leading industry manufacturers. At Adam Carpets, you are guaranteed to find a style and design to suit your taste.


Alternative Flooring

Alternative Flooring is known for its stylish yet quirky design and unique, innovative patterns when it comes to both carpets and natural flooring



Axminster Carpets have even designed an exclusive range for retailer John Lewis. Axminster designs are available in a range of colours and styles to suit every home.



BMK is one of Britain’s best known carpet brands. They stock a wide range of 80% wool, 20% synthetic carpets in a multitude of modern colours, plus a stylish range of loop pile carpets in 70+ colours. The BMK Vogue 100% wool collection features striking striped patterns in a range of fantastic options. Other collections include Royal Highland, a luxurious 80/20 carpet in natural shades, Kurl Twist, a multi-shade carpet with coloured flecks in the design and Muirdale, another 80/20 classic, comfortable carpet. 




Brintons specialise in beautifully woven carpets that are practical and hard wearing as well as attractive and luxurious. Their two types of 80% wool, 20% synthetic carpet, the textured, simple Wilton are some of the finest carpets available.

Find out more on their website:



Brockway make luxurious high quality wool carpets using environmentally-friendly production processes. As well as providing superior looks and durability, Brockway’s award-winning Lakeland Herdwick range plays a part in helping sustain traditional farming.




Lancashire-based Cavalier Carpets create beautiful Berber and luxurious loop pile carpets in a wide variety of styles and colours. A leading British carpet manufacturer Cavalier Carpets offer high quality, choice, and a range of attractive colours with their carpet ranges.



Cormar produce 4 styles of carpet are all perfect for your home, choose below from Easy Clean, Soft Deep Pile, Wool Twist or Wool Loop.




Crucial trading

Crucial Trading uses the very best natural materials, from wool to seagrass to coir. The company boasts a range of over 100 different floor coverings meaning your Crucial Trading floor covering will be unique to you, blending in beautifully with your home’s design.



With a strong Danish heritage and a global reach, Ege aim to be the trendsetting supplier to the most demanding sectors of the market. By enabling freedom and flexibility in design, every carpet becomes an opportunity to increase life quality and enhance beauty.



Hugh Mackay

Here at Hugh Mackay we pride ourselves on the quality of our flooring products, from the quality of our wool to beautifully designed woven Axminister, you’re sure to find the perfect carpet for your home.


Manx Tomkinson

Whether it’s a luxury bedroom for a peaceful nights sleep, a contemporary flair in the entertainment space, or a cosy night in the family lounge, draw inspiration from Manx Tomkinson’s wide range of carpets to suit every occasion.



The team at Penthouse ensure consistently high standards throughout their manufacturing process, ensuring that customers are guaranteed a superior product every time. Penthouse Carpets boast 16 stunning ranges in both wool and sturdy synthetic fibres.


Stairrods UK

All Stairrods UK carpet accessories and designed and manufactured in house, giving them full control, and ensuring only the finest quality products leave the warehouse.



Weaving luxury and durability into our carpets by utilising the best blend of wools, spinning techniques, dyeing and tufting processes. Every style and every colour is designed in-house at our dedicated manufacturing sites in West Yorkshire, ensuring excellence at every step for your carpet.



Every carpet that leaves Wilton has been expertly made with skilled hands; the embodiment of the very best in modern manufacturing blended with traditional craftsmanship.


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Flooring Showroom Bristol 

Welcome to our showroom! Navigate your way through our showroom where you can find the best deals on top flooring and carpet brands like Amtico, Moduleo, Axminster and many many more! Based in Thornbury, North Bristol, our vast showroom has been running since 2008 and features an in house team of carpet and flooring specialists who can help with any queries you may have.

Why Did We Create a Showroom Page?

At Prestige Flooring we know how difficult it can be deciding what type of flooring you would like in your home especially when there is such a wide variety of materials, starting from carpet to luxury vinyl tiles to hardwood and much more. Walking into a flooring shop with little to no idea of what your looking for can be daunting. This is why we decided to create this showroom page. It allows you to have a look around our showroom and see all the different brands, materials and colours.

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If you spot a particular brand, material or manufacturer that you like, then you can always read more about it on our dedicated website pages:

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