Amtico tiles are some of the finest vinyl tiles around and they are currently dominating the luxury tile market alongside the likes of Karndean. What we love about Amtico is how their different ranges really cater for every conceivable style preference whether it’s contemporary minimalism or traditional Victorian revival. The detail and texture of Amtico tiles is truly groundbreaking as is the ease at which they can be installed and maintained. At Prestige Flooring, we’ve been supplying Amtico flooring in Bristol for over a decade and our clients always remark on the quality and appearance of their tiles. There are many different styles to choose from and we have a few favourite laying patterns from their current design range

Strikingly cubist

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The cubist approach lends its self to a striking angular style which can work very well when contrasted against plain neutral walls. The movement was popularised by the early 20th century artists Pablo Picasso who rejected the idea of smooth natural subtleties in favour of harsh geometric shapes. Amtico has accurately replicated the striking quality of a cubist floor with this clever combination of mitred triangles. If you think that this impactful modernist approach would work well for you then contact our team today. At Prestige Flooring, we have years of experience providing various styles of Amtico flooring in Bristol and Gloucester and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Victorian Check

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If you have a preference for a more traditional flooring style then you’ll be glad to know that  Amtico has a near perfect replication of the classic Victorian checker pattern. This well-known pattern has its roots in the 15th century and was a favourite with royalty and societal elites. It fell out of favour until the mid-1800s when historical excavations inspired tile makers to experiment with the style once more. By the 19th century, the tiles were being adopted by Queen Victoria and the popularity of checkered flooring skyrocketed. We have fitted this particular style in a lot of kitchens for clients who want to achieve the classic Victorian flooring look. The bonus is that unlike the real thing, Amtico’s tiles are warm to the touch if you are wearing just socks. If you are interested in discussing Amtico flooring in Bristol call our expert team today!


Amtico flooring bristol





Amtico’s Flagstone tile combination is fantastic for creating a classic stone appearance. With many different colour shades available with this layout, you can align it to match the dynamics of any room. We really love the clever right angled formations and realistic grout lines which give the Flagstone range that extra convincing look. A Flagstone floor is a classic stone floor that features heavily in castles, cottages and churches. One drawback of having real flagstone is (as per real victorian checker tiles) that they feel cold underfoot. With Amtico’s ultra-realistic vinyl replica this is no longer the case!

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There really are no limits to what you can achieve with Amtico Flooring. No matter what you’re looking for Prestige Flooring can offer you a wide range of choices when it comes to Amtico Flooring in Bristol. We have over a decade of experience fitting Amtico across a number of commercial and residential settings and have built up a solid reputation as one of Bristol’s leading premium floor installers.

We understand that choosing the right style is important and we work with your best interests at heart. Our knowledgeable team of fitters have the benefit of many years experience and can give impartial advice and guidance to you every step of the way.

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