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For flooring in a range of designs, styles and finishes, look no further than our excellent range of commercial flooring. Whether it’s carpet, laminate or vinyl, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect flooring for your commercial project.

Commercial and other types of flooring…

When planning or renovating a commercial environment such as a hotel, restaurant, shopping centre or residential housing development, it is important to create a pleasant, welcoming setting to appeal to visitors and residents. You can transform an otherwise dull space using spectacular flooring in a range of colours, textures and finishes. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional style, with our range of flooring and bespoke designs, you are bound to find the perfect flooring for your project.

Our commercial flooring is cost effective, being designed for longevity and durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Plus with the ease and speed of our expert installation, your new flooring can be delivered and fitted in no time. Our suppliers have created robust, stain and wear resistant flooring that is easy to clean and maintain as well as being able to withstand high levels of traffic while retaining their stylish look and feel.

We work with some of the best designers in the global flooring industry, offering stunning, beautiful and creative design combined with high performance and additional features such as improved thermal insulation and superior noise reduction, which is particularly important in hotels and housing projects where noise and temperature can be essential factors. Our flooring offers great acoustic performance as well as great comfort levels.

Click on some of our suppliers for inspiration on our range of commercial flooring, or come to our showroom to see some samples and to discuss your specifications and requirements with our team.

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We have a wide range of both natural wool content and synthetic fibre carpets, so you are bound to find a carpet from our extensive range of suppliers that will be suitable to meet the needs of all areas of your home...


Decorative Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles have been around for many years and are used extensively for both commercial and domestic flooring installations.
Designed to look convincingly...


Natural Flooring

A very popular choice as an alternative to carpet, natural materials such as sisal or seagrass offer great wear capabilities and give the natural appearance and tones...

Wood Flooring

Wood is a material whose natural and unique beauty speaks for itself. With a range of gauges, plank sizes, textures and finishes there really is something for everyone...



Vinyl Flooring

A popular choice for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Cloakrooms and En-suites due to the ease of cleaning and resistance to splashes and spills. Modern vinyl and cushion floors are...


Laminate Flooring

Relative ease of installation has always meant that laminate is a good DIY choice for flooring. However, you can still benefit from professional installation. Many of the materials…




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Flooring Showroom Bristol 

Welcome to our virtual carpet showroom! Please use the directional arrows to navigate your way through our showroom where you can find the best deals on top flooring and carpet brands like Amtico, Axminster Adam and many many more! Based in Thornbury, North Bristol, our vast showroom has been running since 2008 and features an in house team of carpet and flooring specialists who can help with any queries you may have. 

Why Did We Set Up A Virtual Tour?

We decided to build this virtual showroom service in order to shake up the way individuals browsed carpet and flooring products online. Selecting the right kind of carpet, hardwood/vinyl tile is quite rightly a meticulous and detail-oriented process as one fitted, these products will be on show for a very long time therefore it is essential that customers can get a real lifelike representation of a product they are interested in. Whilst browsing swatches or thumbnails of carpet online gives a good enough initial visual representation of how a carpet or patterned tile may look, we found that there was still a dimension of realism missing. We wanted to let customers see our flooring stock in the flesh with the added realism of display angles and different light intensities, something that is sometimes lost by just using photographic uploads.  

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