Are you looking to install new flooring in your home? There’s no denying that new flooring can dramatically transfer the appearance of your interiors and really compliment the stylistic aesthetic of every single room. Aside from looking good, new flooring also needs to feel good which is why Karndean flooring has become increasingly popular. Karndean flooring manufactures a range of luxury vinyl flooring tiles which are revered for their practicality, maintenance and realistic texture. If you are looking for Karndean flooring in Bristol, Prestige Flooring is one of the city’s leading flooring solutions providers and can advise on a range of Karndean styles for both commercial and domestic uses. Karndean flooring seems to be everywhere and when you look at the great benefits it offers, it’s easy to see why.

Karndean Is Easy To Clean

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When choosing home interiors we are always faced with finding the right balance between aesthetic impact and functionality. It is impractical to have flooring that looks breathtaking but requires specialist cleaning everytime someone drags dirt in from the outside. Karndean vinyl ticks both of these boxes. It has a rich full-bodied appearance and you can clean it with a simple sweep and mop! It is the ideal solution for a busy house with high rates of foot traffic and mess from pets and young children. Other flooring types such as hardwood can collect dirt and grime over time which becomes engrained in the fibres and gaps between the tiles. If you want a stunningly textured vinyl floor that is easy to clean, call Prestige today for the largest range of Karndean flooring in Bristol.

Karndean Compatible With Underfloor Heating

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We have been supplying Karndean flooring in Bristol for over a decade and have noticed the steady rise in clients and customers who have opted for underfloor heating. Due to the daily fluctuations in temperature, any replacement flooring needs to be able to cope with constant molecular expansion and contraction caused by the heat (this is why pure hardwood flooring is not compatible). It also needs to conduct the heat from the pipes and radiate it into the room. Karndean tiles are very thin (about 7mm) which means heat can pass through very easily to start warming your room almost immediately. They also have a heat limitation capacity of 27°C so you know that they won’t degrade even at high temperatures.        

Karndean Is Waterproof

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Karndean flooring is 100% waterproof and stain resistant due to its tough non-porous vinyl backing. This means that aside from being low maintenance it is very resilient. Some laminate flooring tiles are porous and don’t seal together tight enough which leads to moisture forming between the floor and the tiles. This can cause mould and fungi to grow and emit a very unpleasant smell. We are experts in the supply and installation of Karndean flooring in Bristol and are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the durability of this fabulous luxury vinyl product.

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Karndeen Flooring seamlessly replicates the likeness of natural products such as wood and stone but without any of their associated practical limitations. To appreciate just how breathtaking Karndean tiles can be, you need to experience it in the flesh at our Bristol showroom. We have a full range of Karndean tiles to suit any style and our dedicated flooring experts will be glad to advise and be of service.

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