Sleek and beautiful. A natural wood floor is a sight to behold. A classic flooring solution, providing value, longevity and aesthetic appeal. For guidance on choosing wood flooring in Bristol, visit our showroom. Or view our list of suppliers to find the flooring that is right for you.

Is Wood Flooring Waterproof?


dark wood flooring is it waterproof
While solid and engineered wood flooring can be resistant to small spillages, they are not completely waterproof. Liquids can cause irreversible damage when left to soak into wood flooring. Issues include warped or buckling planks and discolouration. It is not recommended, therefore, for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
If your wood flooring has become water damaged, we offer a replacement flooring service across Bristol and the nearby areas. Our experienced team will return your floor to perfect condition, using our matching service to find replacement planks. Contact us on 01454 851 492 to find out more.

Is Wood Flooring Durable?

Wood flooring is one of the most hardwearing flooring solutions available. Many of our floors come with a 25-year guarantee. Treating and sanding it will further increase its life expectancy. Consider the oak tree, which can live for hundreds, even thousands of years. Wood is a material that will endure.
Our wood flooring suppliers are some of the best in the industry, producing beautiful flooring that lasts. Its durability is one of the many reasons why wood is a great investment for your property. Provided it is properly cared for, your wood flooring can last a lifetime.

Is Wood Flooring Sustainable?

Wood is a renewable resource and, providing it is sourced responsibly, a sustainable one.
At Prestige Flooring, we only work with suppliers who sustainably source their wood flooring. Our manufacturers are recognised by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). These organisations promote responsible management of forest resources. So, you can rest assured that when you buy from Prestige Flooring, you are getting an eco-friendly floor that will not need to be replaced for at least several decades.

What Types of Wood Flooring Are There?


living room with hardwood flooring bristol
Wood flooring can generally be divided into two categories: hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring.

Why Choose Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is made from three layers of real wood, with a top layer of genuine hardwood. It is strong and long-lasting, available in a range of shades and finishes. With engineered wood flooring you get the look and feel of solid wood, with a long-term guarantee and a lower price.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Beautiful hardwood flooring is hard to beat. Naturally hard wearing, if properly maintained it will last for many years. Nothing compares to the feel of solid wood. Hardwood flooring is available in a wide range of different species. This includes oak, walnut, ash, elm, maple and pine. Hardwood flooring offers an elegance unmatched by other flooring types.
We use leading wood flooring suppliers Elka, Havwoods, Kährs, Kersaint Cobb and Tedd Todd. Find out more about them on our wood flooring page.

Which Wood Flooring is Best for Pets?


labrador dog on wood flooring
Dogs and cats are a great addition to a home. But their claws are not floor friendly, especially when it comes to wood. If you want a wood look, opt for scratch resistant laminate or vinyl that come with wear layers. However, if you are determined to go for wood, choose the hardest wood that is most likely to withstand your furry friend’s nails. Woods such as hard walnut and maple will better withstand scratches than other types of wood.

Why Choose Wood Flooring

The natural beauty of wood is impossible to deny. Used for centuries in home decor, wood is timeless and classic. Suited to a stately home as to a modern apartment. Wood flooring adds value to your home thanks to its longevity and durability. Our flooring is beautiful, stylish and sustainably sourced. With wood flooring, you are bound to find a style and finish that suits you.

Wood Flooring Versus Laminate

Wood is by far the more superior material when it comes to flooring. It is longer lasting and adds more value to your home. However, if the price of wood is beyond your budget, laminate flooring is a great alternative. Not only is laminate cheaper and quicker to install, but it offers better water and scuff resistance than natural hardwood floors. Plus, our laminate looks and feels realistic, like natural wood. To find out more about our laminate flooring, visit our page.

Wood Flooring Versus Vinyl

Another option when it comes to a wood alternative is vinyl flooring. Thanks to modern embossing technology, you can find cushioned vinyl flooring that looks and feels like natural wood grain. Vinyl also has the benefit of sound absorption, water and scuff resistance. To find out more about our vinyl flooring, visit our page. We work with top suppliers such as Amtico Flooring and Karndean Flooring, renowned for their great quality, stylish vinyl.
If it’s wood flooring you’re after, Prestige is the place for you. Browse our list of suppliers to see the types of wood flooring that suits your home and budget. We also fit commercial wood flooring. To find out more, contact our team today on 01454 851 492.