Wooden flooring remains one of the most exquisite flooring options available for both domestic and commercial environments because it looks breathtaking but is also very hard wearing even in areas of high traffic. Admittedly with the availability of high-quality vinyl tiles like Karndean and Amtico, many people opt to obtain the textured look of wood but at a cheaper price. Prestige Flooring is one of Bristol’s leading provider of flooring solutions for commercial and domestic premises. We have always received a huge amount of enquiries for wood flooring in Bristol from customers who are passionate about the various stylistic and functional benefits pure wood has to offer. We think that it is important to provide a full review of the benefits of wooden flooring, the different types, and how these could add to your home or business.     


The Benefits


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Add Value To Your Home

Hardwood flooring is luxurious in appearance and is highly prized in properties. Because hardwood flooring is a “classic” look, any wall redecorations can be done without having to replace the floor. When you compare this to carpet or other laminates any change in colour scheme would need to be followed by carpet or flooring that stylistically aligns with the changes you’ve made. At Prestige Flooring, we have fitted many domestic properties with wood flooring in Bristol and there is an element of class and sophistication solid wood adds that is very hard to completely replicate otherwise.  

Solid Wood Is Very Hygienic

A well lacquered and maintained hardwood floor is very resistant to dirt and odours requiring little more than a wipe or mop to rid it of germs and dirt. This is excellent if you have pets, children or an area of the house that experiences high traffic and dirt. Compared to carpets, wooden flooring does not allow dust or dirt to become ingrained. When this happens, a host of bacterias, moulds and organisms find a safe place to grow and this can have a negative effect on the air quality of a space.


Wooden flooring offers a great host of further functional benefits including insulation. We have provided Wood flooring in Bristol to many clients who have cited the insulating properties of wood as a major influence in their decision. Due to the fibrous and porous structure of wood, there are thousands of micro-pockets and spaces which make heat transfer very difficult making wood an excellent natural insulator. Although the initial outlay for wooden flooring may seem quite high at the beginning, you stand to save lots of money from your energy bills in the long run.

Aroma Of wood

Regardless of the type of wood you choose for your floor, you are using a natural material which will breathe its own life into the room. The fresh smell of wood in a room is a stunningly quaint aroma that gives the room an organic tasteful feeling to whoever is present. With other kinds of imitation laminate or vinyl tile, you may achieve a similar look as wood but will not be able to enjoy the unique aroma of timber. If character and personality is something that you really value in your home then call Prestige Flooring, we have over a decade of experience fitting beautiful wooden flooring for all types of businesses and homes.

Warm To The Touch

Wooden flooring feels very accommodating whilst also looking charming. Wooden planks have the added bonus of also being very comfortable if you are walking over them without shoes. Some laminates have been known to feel quite cold to the touch which is why wooden flooring is a great idea for bedrooms and lounges.  

Engineered Wood Or Solid Hardwood?


If you are curious about wood flooring in Bristol you will be glad to know that Prestige Flooring offers both solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring options. Both options look fantastic and add a sense of presence and elegance that can only be achieved by real wood. You may already be aware of the difference between engineered wood or solid hardwood and whilst the surface wear layer of both is natural hardwood, there are some significant differences


Engineered wood

Wood flooring Bristol









Engineered wood flooring planks are made up from multiple layers of plywood and composites with the top facing layer being pure hardwood. This essentially gives you a genuine hardwood surface with all the aesthetic and functional benefits such as:

  • Stability – The dense multi-layered plywood support layers make for a strong support base for the layer of real hardwood. This makes engineered wood great for adapting to different temperatures and levels of humidity without warping or contracting which can happen with solid hardwood. Engineered wood is therefore compatible with underfloor heating systems and perfectly suitable for places like covered conservatories where temperatures tend to fluctuate. 
  • Simple to fit – Fitting Engineered hardwood is a fairly simple task as the planks come with easy click-in systems and can be “floated” over underlay with no requirement to be centrally fixed.
  • Cost Effective – Engineered hardwood is a very cost-effective way to enjoy a real hardwood surface without having to pay the premium hardwood prices. Less than a quarter of the height of an engineered wood plank will be hardwood thus making the overall price of a fit-out very economical.










We’ve talked about the benefits of solid hardwood flooring and the unique character it brings to a house or commercial building. Aside from hygiene, house value and luxury, there are a number of extra functional strengths of hardwood flooring.

  • Long Life – Having planks made entirely from a single piece of hardwood makes for great longevity. Wood from trees like oak, maple, mahogany and walnut is very robust and hard wearing. Well-maintained hardwood floors have also been known to last a lifetime.
  • Finishing & Sanding – With hardwood floors you have the choice of many different kinds of finishes and staining options over the years which can add even more character to the appearance of the floor

Essentially there is no way to say that one style of wooden flooring is better than the other because they are both unique and applicable in different ways. Hardwood flooring is the undeniable height of luxury but can be quite expensive and therefore not the best option if you want to re-floor a large area on a budget. It is also not compatible with areas of high-temperature change and moisture. On the other hand Engineered hardwood is affordable and gives the hardwood look but you can’t sand them as the hardwood wear layer is very thin and less durable.   

Wooden Flooring In Bristol With Prestige Flooring Ltd

At Prestige Flooring Ltd we are specialist providers of hardwood and engineered wood flooring in Bristol. Choosing wood flooring can be a daunting task which is why our expert fitting team are always on hand to go through your options and recommend the best type of wood flooring for your home, business and budget.

Whether you are interested in hardwood or engineered wood flooring why not arrange a consultation with us today. You can be sure that there will be something you like from our enviable range of species, tile sizes and finishes.

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