Whether you work in an office, school, hospital or retail space, suitable flooring is an important part of where you work. Choosing the right flooring solution for your commercial environment can have a big impact on your use of the space. For commercial flooring in Bristol, Prestige Flooring has the expertise and experience necessary to advise businesses and organisations on the right flooring for their needs, plus offering reliable and efficient installation, causing minimal disruption to operations. Find out more by calling us on 01454 851 492, by visiting our showroom or contacting us online.

Below, we take a look at some of the recommended commercial flooring options for different environments.


Commercial Flooring for Restaurants


commercial flooring bristolFood, drink and constant foot traffic from diners and servers – restaurant flooring needs to be up to the task of withstanding daily hard use as well as adhering to strict health and safety policies. In such environments, where spillages can and do occur, flooring that is waterproof and easy to clean and maintain is ideal. This generally rules out carpet, unless your establishment is pretty exclusive and high end, with a large budget for cleaning. Flooring that is non-slip is also extremely vital as staff will be carrying heavy plates and bowls around constantly and they need to be able to rest assured that the floor isn’t going to be slippery underfoot. Commercial vinyl flooring is ideal when it comes to restaurant environments. It is waterproof, slip resistant, easy to clean and hard wearing. Vinyl flooring is also available in a range of styles and designs. So whether you opt for patterned tile, or you’re interested in commercial flooring that looks like wood, but without the cost, vinyl is the perfect choice. We stock commercial vinyl flooring from expert manufacturers such as Gerflor and Forbo.


Commercial Flooring for Kitchens


As with restaurants, commercial kitchens need high-performance flooring that is hygienic, non-slip and waterproof. For all the reasons mentioned above and more, vinyl flooring is perfectly suited to this task. In busy commercial kitchens, you can have bespoke designed vinyl flooring with marking for walkways, safe zones or whatever suits your needs.


Commercial Flooring For Salons


Hair and beauty professionals work hard. They are often on their feet all day without rest, tending to their customers. Comfortable flooring is important therefore, so a commercial flooring solution like luxury vinyl tile that is cushioned is great for this purpose. Flooring for salons also needs to be able to withstand regular cleaning and potential water or other substance spills. Choosing flooring that is scuff and water resistant is wise, in which case, commercial laminate flooring could also be a good choice. Available in a range of wood styles and effects, with quick and easy installation, laminate flooring is a popular commercial flooring solution. See our range of commercial laminate flooring at our Bristol showroom.

Commercial Flooring for Office


office flooring

Offices across the UK are extremely varied in nature, style, layout and atmosphere. So too, therefore, is the range of options suitable for office flooring. For example, a creative design agency might be looking for a bespoke floor design that reflects their creativity, whereas a large office building with a tight budget may be focused more on the most cost-effective flooring option that will look professional and last a long time. If you are looking to invest in new office flooring, it is important to consider factors such as design, budget and office use. Many offices choose carpet to give the office a cosy yet professional feel. Office carpet needs to be stain resistant and much more hard wearing than carpet for residential properties. At Prestige Flooring, we work with expert commercial carpet manufacturers such as Burmatex and Heckmondwike.  


Commercial Flooring for Gym


At Prestige Flooring, we can also supply and install sports flooring, suitable for gyms and sports halls. Sports flooring needs to be waterproof, non-slip and extremely hard wearing to deal with heavy equipment and foot traffic pressure. Vinyl flooring is ideal and can also be designed with specific markings to cordon off specific areas, for example for a weights section or break area.


Whatever commercial environment you are looking for new flooring for, with our wide range of choice when it comes to commercial flooring systems, you are bound to find the right one for your workplace. Industrial flooring, commercial retail flooring and office flooring are all available from our showroom. Prestige Flooring are commercial flooring contractors with many years of experience, working across the commercial sector. For expert commercial flooring and installation, contact Prestige today on 01454 851 492.