We’ve blogged about wood flooring in past posts and no doubt now you will be aware of the amazing benefits on offer with choosing this traditional yet timeless flooring option. Character is everything when it comes to a solid hardwood floor and before you even start to think about patterns and layouts you need to determine what kind of wood species would be best suited to your refit. Hardwood flooring is an investment so it is important that you take time to review the options on offer in terms of tone, grain pattern and finish and select the one that will best compliment your interiors. If you are looking for wood flooring in Gloucester with the intention of getting a fit-out then don’t worry, you don’t have to spend hours trawling through the encyclopedia of wood species! Based on what we have seen in terms of domestic demand, these are the some of best timber hardwood species for wood flooring right now.  

What Is Hardwood And Why Is It Used For Flooring?

A lot of people have a semi-understanding of what hardwood is. On the one hand, many of us know that hardwood is perhaps thick, heavy and used to make instruments, furniture and equipment but many are not sure what differentiates it from softwood and why it is used in flooring. In short, hardwood comes from Dicot trees which are usually found in hotter tropical climates and take a long time to grow and are large in size. Their fibres are very densely packed which makes the wood extremely tough and durable. Although there are hardwood species from every continent, the pace at it grows, transportation weight and time it takes to cut means that this wood is always priced at a premium.


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Probably one of the best known dark hardwoods on the market, mahogany is native to central and South America and boats a beautifully rich dark colour with a fine grain patterning. Although it can be quite a sizable investment at the start, mahogany ages spectacularly well, turning darker with more depth over time. It also has spectacular natural water resistant properties making it more than suitable for withstanding spillages, wet feet and mopping.  


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If you are opting for a lighter warmer style of decor then ash is an ideal choice. There are many different subspecies of ash but it is most commonly found in Europe and sometimes Asia. Ash is light blonde in appearance and contains a darker grain texture throughout. Ash is one of the more affordable types of hardwood flooring but due to its light colour requires regular cleaning.


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Oak is one of the most popular choices when it comes to domestic wooden floorings for good reason. Not only does it give you a luxurious classic look but it is also very hard wearing and becomes richer in tone over time. Oak flooring also comes in a variety of different shades and tones meaning you can enjoy the breathtaking grain patterns this wood has to offer regardless of what kind of temperature you are trying to achieve for the room. Oak is also priced moderately as it is not exclusive to certain parts of the world.  


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Walnut trees grow at a slow pace and as a result, produce timber that is incredibly dense and hard wearing. The grain pattern on walnut is also unique. dark coloured grain markings often come in swirls and knots that contrast against the lighter colour of the wood. This hypnotic visual display looks even better when the surface is polished and waxed

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Nothing beats the smell, feel and look of a wood floor. At prestige flooring, we offer a selection of engineered hardwood floors from a variety of species. Browse online today or call to get in touch!